Ausrisk Consulting:

(Risk management; Property Risk Surveyors Australia)

 Ausrisk Consulting, is a boutique risk management firm, providing an array of risk management services for government, corporate, and registered clubs and hotels, strata plans, estates, wineries, universities and more. In addition to this, we are able to facilitate these services to major insurers, risk managers and brokers throughout Australia. 

Our engineers and property risk surveyors evaluate your site’s risk profile as an asset and full site level, along with the activities and controls that manage those risks. We assess areas such as construction, risk management systems, public safety, estimated loses and more. Our reports give the insurers and brokers an understanding of your property, working with you to provide the best outcome for your business insurance. We also perform claims assessments with a specific focus on engineering breakdown to determine the root cause of lass and to what degree the loss is covered under the insured policy. 

As well as claims and property surveys, we have recently introduced electrical thermographic scanning. This is performed on switchboards and distribution boards by our company director, Mike Blacker, who is a licensed electrician and electrical engineer. A regular thermographic scanning regime may be a requirement of your insurance policy but it is also recommended regardless as it is used to identify potential potential fire risks and hotspots in the switchboards electrical wiring. 

Our surveyors are based in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, with access to all other States and Territories.